The Value Of The Lionel Messi Rookie Card

At the club level, Lionel Messi has achieved almost everything imaginable with FC Barcelona. He has won ten Spanish league titles, six Copa del Rey (a domestic cup competition) titles, and four European Champions League crowns. On an individual level, he has been awarded the Ballon d’Or, given annually to the best player in Europe, a record-breaking six times. From 2009 to 2012, he won the award four consecutive times. Additionally, he has claimed the Golden Shoe, awarded to the top goal scorer in Europe’s major leagues, six times.

As of now, Messi has participated in 761 games for Barcelona and has scored an incredible 654 goals. His 71 goals for the Argentine national team are the most ever. In 2012, he set a new record for the most goals in a calendar year, both for club and country, with an astonishing 91 goals. He has also achieved 54 career hat tricks.

The list of Messi’s accomplishments goes on and on, leading to an internet frenzy around the absurdity of his achievements. However, it’s not just his greatness that sets him apart. There is a magical quality to his playing style that is unparalleled and unlikely to be replicated in this era or any other. Despite being only 5’6″ and 160 pounds, Messi doesn’t possess the physical appearance of a superhero. He looks like an ordinary mortal, which makes his accomplishments even more remarkable.

Messi has been widely recognized as the world’s best player for about twelve years and continues to hold that title. He is widely regarded as the greatest player in the history of the sport. As one of the most famous and popular athletes globally, it is no surprise that Lionel Messi’s trading cards have been in high demand for a long time. They command a premium compared to those of any other soccer player, past or present. The increasing interest and knowledge of soccer cards, especially in the United States, have led to a significant rise in their value.

Soccer cards and collectibles in Europe, excluding England, were predominantly local and not mainstream before 2010. However, the hobby has experienced a boom in recent years, and soccer cards, particularly those featuring Messi, have gained widespread popularity among a global fan base. Alongside Messi, other big names in soccer cards include Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Diego Maradona, and Pelé, all of whom generate substantial interest.

Similar to the overall trend in the hobby, the grading of Messi’s cards has seen a surge in recent years. Prior to the market boom, some issues from his rookie season in 2004-05 were reasonably popular for grading, although the population of these graded cards was still smaller compared to rookie cards of basketball icons like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James.

Messi’s rookie cards are from his debut season in 2004-05. While they can be found relatively easily, their prices have skyrocketed over the past year. High-grade versions of these cards, which are rare, come with massive price tags.

One of Messi’s rarest rookie cards is the 2004-05 Panini Este Sticker. Although there are relatively many high-grade BGS graded versions available, it remains one of the two rarest Messi rookie cards. A PSA 10 version sold for $19,850 in June 2020. Meanwhile, the 2004 Panini Sports Mega Cracks card is considered the most valuable Messi rookie card. PSA 10 versions of this card come to the market approximately once a year, with the most recent sale in September 2020 fetching an astounding $116,988. Even lower grades of this card, down to PSA 6, have exceeded $10,000 in value.

Checking Prices 2023

The mean cost stood at $164.45, encompassing a spectrum spanning from $0.93 for the 2021 Donruss Pitch Kings #10 Lionel Messi produced by Donruss in 2021, to $8500.0 for the 2004 Panini Megacracks Barca Campeon 2004-2005 #35 Lionel Messi PSA 10 created by Panini Megacracks Barca Campeon 2004-2005 in 2004.

2004-05 Panini Mega Cracks Barca (#35) (see photos above) Spanish: Total Graded: 243

  • PSA 10 – pop: 46; – $20,620
  • PSA 9 – pop: 96; $3,562 average
  • PSA 8 – pop: 57; $1,303 average
  • PSA 7 – pop: 28; $1,359 average

All of these cards had at least more than 4 sales in 2021.

But let’s get on. To get an update on the current market for autographed Lionel Messi rookie cards, it’s recommended to check reputable online platforms that specialize in sports card trading or auction websites. These platforms provide real-time information on card availability and recent sales prices.

Recently, there has been a significant surge in prices for Messi rookie cards, including the Mega Cracks cards. All versions of these cards have experienced a notable increase in value, with many doubling or more in price over the past month. Among the more common Spanish versions (graded versions of the Catalan cards are relatively harder to find), three PSA 10 “Campeones” cards were sold between January 17 and February 17, 2021, with prices ranging from $9,000 to an astonishing $56,000.

Moreover, in the past month alone, there have been eight PSA 10 versions of card #62 sold. The prices for these cards started at $9,000 on January 27 and gradually climbed to $30,000 on February 10.

The market has also witnessed an increase in demand for autographed Messi cards. Five PSA 8 autographed cards were sold for prices ranging from $613 on January 27 to $3,500 on February 6. Additionally, five PSA graded autographed cards were sold for prices between $2,500 and $10,600 on February 19, while seven PSA 10 autographed cards were sold for prices ranging from $5,500 on January 27 to $27,500 on February 18.

It’s important to note that the availability and condition of these rookie cards, as well as their autographed versions, may vary. In a country where collecting sports cards hasn’t traditionally been a widespread hobby and professional grading services may be less common, it raises the question of how many of these cards, including the 2005-06 ones that have become popular recently, have actually survived in prime condition after nearly two decades.

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