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Fake Sports Memorabilia Worth Millions Seized in South Carolina

Counterfeit Sports Memorabilia Worth Millions Seized in South Carolina A significant seizure of fraudulent sports memorabilia took place in South Carolina, with law enforcement officials confiscating over 600 counterfeit championship rings from a local memorabilia store. The estimated value of these fake items is reported to be as high as $15 million, reflecting the skyrocketing prices of sports memorabilia in recent times.

The South Carolina Secretary of State announced the seizure, highlighting that it marks the largest-value confiscation in the office’s history. The collection of counterfeit merchandise included rings from major professional sports leagues in the United States, namely the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and the NCAA. Among the confiscated items were 157 Super Bowl rings, 83 NBA Finals rings, 99 World Series rings, 29 Stanley Cup rings, and 251 NCAA championship rings for undisclosed sports.

On February 8, federal, state, and local authorities conducted a raid at Kirk’s Collectibles, located in an upstate mall. No arrests have been made thus far, and the investigation is being handled by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Kirk’s Collectibles is known to sell non-sports memorabilia alongside sports-related items, according to its website.

Law enforcement officials have stressed the seriousness of counterfeiting, emphasizing its detrimental effects. Mark Hammond, the South Carolina Secretary of State, emphasized that this crime does not come without victims. He stated that whether it is fans losing their hard-earned money on fake items they believed to be genuine or small businesses suffering significant sales losses, intellectual property theft has real consequences.

Ronnie Martinez, a special agent with the investigative arm of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in Charlotte, North Carolina, echoed these sentiments, highlighting that counterfeit sports memorabilia is a real crime with tangible victims and financial impacts.

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