No Panini Stickers for the 2024 Football European Championship – Fans Face a Major Change

Germany is in football fever as the anticipation for the UEFA European Championship 2024 grows. The tournament will kick off on June 14th with Germany playing Scotland at the Allianz Arena in Munich. Alongside the thrilling matches, collecting stickers has always been a cherished tradition for fans. However, this year brings a significant change. There will be no Panini Stickers this year.

Major Change: No Panini Stickers for Euro 2024

For decades, Panini Stickers has been synonymous with football World Cup and European Championship sticker albums. Since Euro 1980 in Italy, Panini has produced albums for every European Championship, gaining a cult following among children, teenagers, and even some adults.

This year, however, the US company Topps will produce the album and stickers for the first time. In 2022, it was announced that Topps had won the licensing rights over Panini. According to Patrick Rausch, Topps’ marketing chief for Europe and Asia, the Euro 2024 sticker album is “the biggest project in the company’s history” .

Continuity and Change in the Sticker Album

Despite the change in producers, the structure of the Euro 2024 sticker album will remain familiar. It will feature the squads of the 24 qualified national teams, along with stickers of stadiums, association logos, and special stickers of individual stars. However, Topps does not have all the official licenses, meaning that players from host nation Germany, reigning champions Italy, England, and France will not appear with their official association logos and jerseys .

Cost of Collecting

Filling the 88-page album will be an expensive endeavor for fans. There are 728 stickers to collect, with each pack containing only six stickers and priced at one euro, making it about 17 cents per sticker. The starter bundle, which includes the album, 24 stickers, and ten packs, is available for 15.99 euros. Additional sticker packs in various sizes can be purchased online and at sales points .

Maintaining the Collecting Tradition

Topps aims to foster the culture and passion for sticker collecting. The album remains “the product of the tournament,” targeting a broad audience from ages 6 to 99. Parents and grandparents are encouraged to collect with their children, promoting intergenerational enjoyment. To support this tradition, Topps has enlisted star coach José Mourinho as the face of their Euro 2024 sticker campaign .

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