Barça Sells Original Turf – A Costly Pleasure for Fans

The renowned Camp Nou turf is a legendary piece of history. But is it worth as much as the club is currently asking for it?

The renovation work at FC Barcelona’s iconic Camp Nou has begun. To make some extra money on the side, the Catalans have come up with something truly unique and are demanding an outrageous price.

Legendary matches have taken place at Camp Nou, the home ground of FC Barcelona. However, the stadium is now set to undergo a modernization. Cranes are tearing down the stands that were built in 1957. The construction work is attracting a considerable number of onlookers. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the FC Barcelona officials.

In front of the stadium, a stand has been set up where turf from the stadium is being sold. This is reported by the Spanish sports portal “Relevo.” The original turf is also being offered online. The price range for the grass varies significantly.

A small cube with a piece of original turf was initially available for 20 euros. A miniature stadium with a section of turf in the middle could be purchased for 50 euros. However, both of these options are now sold out.

A significantly more expensive option remains available. Die-hard fans can purchase a rectangular piece of turf in a picture frame for a hefty 420 euros. The turf is stated to have been “extracted under the supervision of a notary based in Barcelona,” according to the product description. The product is described as “limited,” “exclusive,” “numbered,” and “framed in wood,” justifying the club’s price.

Photo Credit: FCBarcelona.com

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