Adidas Superstar XLG: Lionel Messi first choice

Lionel Messi, the world’s preeminent football star, sports these sneakers priced at 150 euros. Even in the realm of sneakers, Lionel Messi’s humility shines through. The planet’s foremost football luminary recently astounded all with his choice of footwear. What’s remarkable is that it’s neither a high-end nor an extravagant selection – you can presently purchase them directly from the manufacturer for just 150 euros.

Not even an offer of nearly half a billion US dollars could entice Lionel Messi to Saudi Arabia. As per media reports, a local club there tabled this staggering sum in a bid to bring the world’s greatest footballer to the absolute monarchy. This would have translated to Messi earning two and a half times more annually than his rival Cristiano Ronaldo. However, in the end, the Argentine maestro resisted the allure of mega-mega money and instead opted for a move to the USA. In an interesting parallel, his choice of sneakers seems to reflect a similarly unpretentious disposition. (Also worth reading: Insights into Pharrell Williams’ initial months at Louis Vuitton – and his vision for the future of fashion)

Lionel Messi’s choice of sneakers raises eyebrows With a purported yearly salary of approximately 55 million dollars (51 million euros), Messi remains firmly in the upper echelons of international football earners at Inter Miami. Yet, his refusal of Saudi Arabia’s offer was seen as a rejection of the increasingly dominant sports strategies emanating from the Persian Gulf. Messi is well acquainted with that landscape, having departed Paris Saint-Germain, a European football club controlled by Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund.

His move to Florida means that every public appearance by Messi is now under intense scrutiny. Recently, a photographer captured an up-close shot of the football maestro’s feet as he departed a hotel in Philadelphia with his teammates. The photographer had originally aimed his lens at Messi’s tattooed shins. However, sneaker enthusiasts were more captivated by the superstar’s choice of footwear, which appeared surprisingly grounded. (Also of note: The Most Expensive Shoes in the World – The current record-holder is a pair of sneakers worth 2.2 million US dollars)

The Adidas Superstar XLG

Adidas Superstar XGL The Adidas Superstar is an iconic sneaker. This version boasts a leather upper with a unique texture for a minimalist aesthetic, complete with an eye-catching lace tag – a perfect reimagining of the classic. Price: 150 € Adidas BUY NOW In fact, on that particular day, Messi chose the unassuming Superstar XLG from Adidas over opulent designer sneakers or exclusive collaborations. Contrary to what some may assume, the textured upper material is not made of expensive ostrich leather but rather embossed cowhide. Furthermore, the Adidas Superstar XLG in this exact design is currently available for purchase on the manufacturer’s online store.

Messi’s white sneakers are offered as a unisex model in sizes ranging from 35 to 54, with a price tag of 150 euros. Several sizes have already sold out online in Germany or are available in limited quantities, so swift action is advisable. Given Messi’s current spree of goal-scoring for his club in the USA, it’s likely that demand will surge. This remarkable footballer is sparking a new frenzy in the world of football.

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