Jimmy Butler’s $20,000 Air Jordan Game: Eminem x Carhartt x AJ4 Retros

In a memorable return to Chicago, NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler made quite the statement by lacing up a pair of premium sneakers for a game against his former team, the Bulls. Sporting a pair of pristine Eminem x Carhartt x Air Jordan 4 Retros, Butler showcased not only his on-court prowess but also his impeccable taste in footwear.

These exclusive AJ4s were originally released in November 2015 and were initially reserved for friends and family. To commemorate the 15th anniversary of Eminem’s Shady Records label, a limited number of pairs were auctioned off, commanding prices as high as an astonishing $30,000 USD

While the price has seen a slight decline since then, these rare kicks still fetch an impressive range of $15,000 to $20,000 USD in the sneaker market. Jimmy Butler‘s choice of shoes was indeed impressive, but unfortunately for him and the Minnesota Timberwolves, the team’s performance that day fell just short of victory. The Bulls managed to secure a narrow win by a mere one-point margin. Despite the loss, Butler’s individual performance shone, as he contributed with seven rebounds, five assists, and an impressive 38 points, surpassing Zach Lavine by three points.

For those intrigued by Jimmy Butler’s sneaker game, it’s worth noting that he has expressed his deep passion for sneakers in the past. In a previous episode of Sneaker Shopping, Butler elaborated on his love for footwear, shedding light on his personal collection and what it means to be a true sneaker aficionado.

Eminem links to sports world

Eminem is no stranger to the world of sport. He has already been part of the Super Bowl halftime show himself.

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