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How Blockchain Is Used In The Sportsmemorabilia Industry

Chiliz, a prominent player in blockchain solutions for the sports industry, has introduced by Chiliz, an innovative service designed to empower clubs and sports organizations to authenticate official jerseys worn by athletes and other collectibles using blockchain technology. by Chiliz will offer comprehensive digital authentication services to suppliers of sports collectibles. Through embedded NFC chips, all items will be authenticated, allowing fans and collectors to conveniently verify the authenticity of collectibles using their smartphones.

Upon integration of the NFC chip, by Chiliz will generate corresponding NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on the Chiliz blockchain. These collectible NFTs will incorporate customizable digital content linked to the item, such as sports highlights or creative elements. They will also provide a direct link to the related proof of reserve for each item.

These NFTs can be distributed to customers for auctions or sales through their own platforms or any NFT marketplace. by Chiliz will be accessible to’s 170+ partners and will function as a decentralized database for certifying the authenticity of sports collectibles.

This platform will serve as an effective solution for teams and companies aiming to directly introduce the ownership of collectibles into the Web3 environment through NFTs.

Additionally, by Chiliz will furnish inventory services for pre-authenticated sports collectibles, securely storing inventory and supplying proof of reserves and permanent insurance for all stored items. At the time of sale or delivery, the platform will offer direct logistical and technical assistance on behalf of customers when an end user redeems an NFT.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and, expressed enthusiasm about the launch of by Chiliz. He emphasized Chiliz’s commitment to creating an ecosystem that combines fans, sports teams, and commerce/service companies. The strategy focuses on introducing services and technology that integrate traditional sports experiences and fan activities into the Web3 environment, utilizing blockchain technology to enhance engagement and ownership for fans.

In August 2022, Chiliz unveiled a $100 million investment in Barca Studios, now known as Barca Digital Entertainment, to drive the Web3 strategy for the digital content creation and distribution center of Barcelona FC.

Chiliz, with over 300 employees and nine global offices, has experienced a headcount increase of more than 70% in 2022. The company is set to continue its growth in 2023 with the anticipated launch of the Chiliz Chain 2.0 (CC2) mainnet, the first blockchain specialized for the sports and entertainment industry. CC2 will amplify the utility of the native Chiliz $CHZ token, playing a pivotal role in creating a new, open, multi-vertical ecosystem where major sports organizations can develop NFTs, Fan Tokens, DeFi products, Play2Earn games, event programs, loyalty initiatives, and merchandising ventures.

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