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eBay Expands Vault Service to Include Trading Cards Held by Owners

In a recent announcement, eBay has expanded its vault service to cater to collectors and dealers who wish to submit their own graded trading cards for storage and potential future sale on the platform. Previously, the service only accommodated cards purchased through eBay. Now, individuals can send cards valued at over $250 to eBay’s vault facility in Delaware, where they will be securely stored or listed for sale at a later date. It’s important to note that raw cards are not eligible for submission.

The eBay vault, established a year ago, joins other industry players like PSA, PWCC, Alt, and Goldin in offering secure storage solutions for trading cards and select collectibles. With a spacious 31,000-square-foot facility equipped with round-the-clock surveillance, biometric authentication systems, intrusion detection systems, and climate controls, eBay ensures the utmost protection for stored items. Additionally, the employees working in the vault undergo thorough background checks and possess expertise in handling high-value collectibles.

Notably, when cards stored in eBay’s vault are sold through the platform, ownership can be transferred without the physical card ever leaving the facility. At present, there are no submission fees, no sales tax on items sent to the vault, and waived future selling fees for vault transactions. However, withdrawal fees may apply.

Gene Cook, eBay’s Vice President of Global Collectibles, expressed that the service provides collectors with a seamless and secure experience in the rapidly evolving world of sports collecting.

While eBay has not disclosed the exact number of cards currently stored in their vault, they did mention that a prized 1952 Bowman Mickey Mantle card, graded PSA 10, is among the valuable items held.

To vault cards with eBay, collectors can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the eBay vault home page and choose the preferred method of sending the cards—by mail or in-person drop-off.
  2. Input submission details using the eBay app, a web-based form, or a spreadsheet, depending on convenience and the volume of cards being submitted.
  3. It’s possible to ship cards from various categories (sports trading cards, collectible card games, or non-sports trading cards) in a single submission.
  4. Review and confirm the submission details.
  5. Follow the packaging and shipping instructions or proceed with drop-off, adhering to the provided guidelines.
  6. Track the progress of the submission online through regular order confirmation, shipping confirmation, and authentication update emails.

Furthermore, eBay will be accepting eligible cards for the vault at their booth during the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago from July 26th to 30th.

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