The Beckenbauer Bergmann Rookie Card: Numbers, results and forecast

One most recognized soccer trading cards that has emerged as a coveted gem is the Beckenbauer Bergmann Rookie card from the mid 60’s, showcasing the legendary German footballer Franz Beckenbauer during his early Bundesliga days. Let’s check numbers results, market value and potential of the Beckenbauer Bergmann Rookie card.

Franz Beckenbauer’s Rise to Greatness: Born on September 11, 1945, in Munich, Germany, Franz Beckenbauer is widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers in history. Along with Pelé, Cruyff, Messi and Ronaldo, he is considered the greatest player of all time. His illustrious career, spanning over two decades, witnessed his iconic performances for Bayern Munich and the German national team. Beckenbauer’s exceptional skill set, leadership qualities, and tactical acumen revolutionized the role of a sweeper, leaving an indelible mark on the world of football.

The Bergmann Fussball Bundesliga Card Series

The Beckenbauer Bergmann Rookie card belongs to the esteemed Bergmann Fussball Bundesliga card series, introduced in 1965. This collection featured prominent German footballers from the 1965 season, becoming highly sought after by collectors. Among the cards in the set, the Beckenbauer Rookie card stands out as a true gem, capturing a defining moment in the early career of the legendary footballer.

Analyzing the Market Value

To gauge the market value of the Beckenbauer Bergmann Rookie card, we rely on the comprehensive data and results provided by PSAcard.com. Based on the data available on the site, the market value of the Beckenbauer Bergmann Rookie card has displayed consistent growth, reflecting its increasing popularity and rarity. Collectors and fans alike have recognized the historical significance of this card, resulting in significant interest and competitive bidding at auctions. Various factors influence the card’s value, including its condition, scarcity, and the prevailing demand within the collector’s market.

Examining the Numbers: A closer look at the auction results on PSA reveals intriguing insights into the market performance of the Beckenbauer Bergmann Rookie card. Over the years, the card has demonstrated substantial appreciation in value, indicating its enduring appeal among collectors.

For instance, in recent auctions, the card achieved an impressive sale price of $15,000 in near-mint condition (graded as PSA 7). This signifies a remarkable increase in value compared to previous years, where it fetched prices in the range of $5,000 to $8,000. Such notable growth highlights the escalating demand for this iconic card and reinforces its desirability within the collector’s market.

Timeless Investments, a leading platform specializing in collectible assets, acquired a significant the Beckenbauer Bergmann Rookie card in november 2022. They spend $27,300 for PSA 7 near mint. The market value today is estimated at $34,440.

The Beckenbauer Bergmann Rookie card stands as a testament to the legendary career of Franz Beckenbauer and holds an esteemed place in the world of soccer memorabilia. The numbers and results provided by PSAcard.com underscore the historical significance and market value of this highly sought-after card. With its consistent appreciation in value, the Beckenbauer Bergmann Rookie card remains a prized possession for collectors and fans alike. As the allure of soccer memorabilia continues to captivate enthusiasts, this card serves as a tangible piece of history, immortalizing the early days of a footballing icon. If the price of Franz Beckenbauer’s 1965 Rookie Card is already too high for you, go for the 1966 card edition (pictured above). Here you get high graded cards already for a double digit range. Here, too, the forecasts are for rising prices.

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